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30 Creative Portfolio Website Designs

Posted By  | on February 22, 2011 | in Design11 Comments

Portfolio usually describes about your work identity. There are many forms of portfolio out of which web based portfolio is the most convenient and easy to accessible to everyone.Designing portfolio is not as easy as we are thinking, designer need s to show his/her talent, smart works, confident of design and achieved projects which will lead him/her to get busy with new clients.

There are lot many of we based portfolios in the web/net and it’s not easy to find out few creative designs. But still some of the designers reached beyond the level by using simple and creative designs. Here with showcased 30 amazing and creative portfolio designs. I hope this will help you to improve the ability to create amazing portfolio designs.

1. Artattackk

2. Mikedascola

3. Banmeetsingh

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30 Amazing & Creative Portfolio Websites

Posted By  | on July 21, 2010 | in Design, Inspiration23 Comments

Every designers, having a great-looking portfolio site is one of the best ways to attract attention to your clients. It will help them to see Designers Creativity, scope, talent, and skill, every day thousands of designers trying to show their ability, creativity in that Have a portfolio stands out among all others. If Designers don’t have a Portfolio or they don’t have an Eye Cache Design Clients won’t stay in their site and they won’t come back to see their latest works. Here Today here I have showcased 30 Eye Cache and Creative Portfolio website Designs for your inspiration.

1. kkMedia

kkmedia Portfolio Design

2. Danwiersema

Danwiersema Portfolio Design

3. Fatihtanriverdi

Fatihtanriverdi Portfolio Design

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45 Impressive Portfolio website designs

Posted By  | on May 13, 2010 | in Design, Inspiration6 Comments

Every one may have a personal portfolio website for some reasons. But If you are Web Designer/ Freelancer we have to show our previous works to clients/ users to know about our creative thinking. Portfolio is the best way for web/graphic/art designers to show their skill sets to world. Web designers really stand out amongst the crowd with their best designing skills. So here I have showcased 45 creative portfolio website designs for inspiration. Please give a comment which design you likes most.

1. Immersive Garden

Immersive Garden Portfolio Design

2. feartox

feartox Portfolio Design

3. Bcandullo

Bcandullo Portfolio Design

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