Mobile Web Design Tips

Around 63 million people in the United States are now using mobile internet to execute their various works. Moreover according to the reports, it is certain that by 2013, there will more than 1.7 billion people using mobile internet. It’s important to know that many web designers and developers enhance their knowledge by learning the various patterns of design; so that they can master the various web development techniques and come up with the best designs possible. The designers should create the sites in an innovative way to stay in the competition. Hence the sites are to be created with user-friendly and also few problem solving skills have to be performed.

Mobile Web Design: Tips

Be aware of hardware and software tools

Mobile Web Design: Tips

Usually the cellphone and mobile devices widely vary with the operating system, screen size and the user interface. As the operating systems are in different types, it is necessary to select the best platform to optimize your site.

Operating systems

Some of the operating systems are Android, Windows mobile, iphone, Blackberry and Symbian. Android is an excellent application which has gained recognition by the deal signed between version and Google. Out of these, there are certain operation systems which specially suit for particular phones such a version handsets. Further with the help of operation systems, you can forecast the type of audience which your site targets and also you can trace the number of users who are using the os to their liking.

In case your site is frequently visited by business users, then you have to implement your site for Windows mobile or Blackberry devices. In case if you find that your users are very smart, young and tech-savvy, then it’s your turn to optimize for Android device or I phones. Meanwhile it’s important to check whether your site has been used to a great extent.

According to the reports of Star counter global stats- Top 8 mobile OS’s

The mobile browsers are also considered to play a vital role. Moreover there are few common browsers such as safari for iphone, opera mobile, blackberry browser and internet explorer mobile. There are some browsers which are implemented on Nokia and other brands. All these browsers work on a proprietary code such as web kit (safari& android) and any other platforms.

Top 8 mobile browsers

The top 8 mobile browsers include opera, nokia, iphone, blackberry, itouch, sony psp, android, open wave and so on. While designing the site, the most important element is the common screen size and resolution. The usual resolution for standard cell phones includes 101 ×80 pixels and for iphones it is 320× 480 pixels. The HTC touch pro has 480× 640 pixel size. Likewise for every model, they have fixed standard of pixel.

Therefore your mobile site has to be designed in an easy manner than your standard site. The unusual graphic effects have to be eliminated in order to implement it in the mobile screen. It’s necessary to concentrate both on the design and functions of the site.


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