Impressive Web Design Inspiration #02

On: 12 Sep 2013
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As a web designer you’ll be looking at a lot of websites for creative inspiration and it’s to keep you up with current and new design trends. Now a day’s Current hot trend in web design seems to be bold images, the use of illustrations is not dead. Most of the designers want to make the possible impression on new visitors. In this post we showcased 33 sites that use a clean layout and design, eliminating unneeded clutter. Some of the sites are minimalistic clean design.

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1. Mystery Packs

2. Miagui

3. Caitin Wicker

4. Revelation Concept

5. Taxi Real

6. Stephanie Hider

7. Abbyputinski

8. Sanchez Romero Carvajal

9. Cyclemon

10. Hawaii

11. Normbot

12. We Are Moving Things

13. Cerveza Austral

14. Cuboamarelo

15. Foxcrow

16. Lead Pilot

17. Reunit The River

18. Naumi Liora

19. Magento Magnate

20. Greyp Bikes

21. Transfer Window

22. Jobs is Free

23. Evanshalshaw

24. Alko Pedia

25. O Dia do Baralho

26. OX.Pe

27. Menborp

28. Applove

29. Cynical People

30. Addison Stales

31. OBO

32. 50 North

33. Sketcha

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