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30+ Amazing Coffee Website Design

Posted By  | on December 7, 2010 | in Design, Inspiration8 Comments

Coffee is considered as an effective stimulant that keeps the consumer alert and awake. With our usual busy lifestyle, it helps to have a beverage ready to keep us active all throughout the day. Looking at the rate of coffee consumption, many commercial establishments have been built to cater to the needs of the society. Incidentally, many of these coffee shops have also turned to the web in advertising their products and promoting their services.

Take a look at this warm compilation of coffee-related websites and be moved by the creativity applied on each design. This 30+ Beautiful Coffee Websites will definitely inspire you to create more unique designs from simple and common themes. Get that cup of coffee ready as you browse through this great list!

1. Folgers

Coffee Websites - Folgers

2. Coffeemate

Coffee Websites - Coffee Mate

3. Caribou Coffee

Coffee Websites - Caribou Coffee

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30 Stunning Web Application WebSite Designs

Posted By  | on December 1, 2010 | in Design, Inspiration8 Comments

A web application’s site design is the first look potential users will get before deciding whether or not to sign up for the service; it’s the book cover, table of contents and blurb of a web app that abeyant visitors will scrutinize before deciding to make the jump towards becoming its user. In this web design inspiration showcase, you’ll feast your eyes on stylish and modern web app site designs that make powerful impressions.

1. Postmark

Postmark Application WebSite Designs

2. QuoteRobot

QuoteRobot Application WebSite Designs

3. MailChimp

MailChimp Application WebSite Designs

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90 Cool Typography Inspiration Website Designs

Posted By  | on November 30, 2010 | in Inspiration2 Comments

I took some time to roundup what I thought were some fun and unique type treatments from around the web. These snippets are all items I found personally inspiring so it’s not an end-all list of the web’s greatest typography. Even so, I think there is a lot you’ll find impressive and which will hopefully help you generate some new ideas.

Some of these websites display great typography in headers, some in logos, some in paragraph text and some as background images. Not every technique in this section has to do with one of the resources I’ve listed above (in fact, many make use of image replacement). When I went searching for sites to include here I found some great stuff: crazy fonts, colorful text, huge text and much more.

1. Creativepayne


2. Weberica

3. Deploycms


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35 Free Grunge Fonts for Abstract Designs

Posted By  | on November 29, 2010 | in Inspiration, Tutorials7 Comments

Grunge, dirty style has been popular around Abstract and Grunge design are usurping unique approach in logo, web or graphic design, we compile a list of Over 35 Free Downloadable Grunge Fonts for dirty Art Work, and if you are a fan of filthy fancy design style these fonts are perfect for you.

1. Base 02 Font

Base 02 Font

2. VTKS News Label Font

VTKS News Label

3. Oxidisaster Font

Oxidisaster Font

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