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50+ Amazing Weekly Website Designs

Posted By  | on January 31, 2011 | in Inspiration8 Comments

1. Advent Calendr

Advent Calendr

2. Infin Vision

Infin Vision

3. Experiencia Lecom

Experiencia Lecom

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45 Extremely Hi-Tech Yet Conceptual Robotic Artworks

Posted By  | on December 15, 2010 | in Graphics, Inspiration1 Comment

Robots represent the most sophisticated approach of hi-tech innovations and play a significant role in multimedia world. As robots have advanced in their designs and functionality, many artists tried to create some conceptual work on robots that we are going to showcase as Robot Artwork.

Here, we are showcasing 45 most impressive and stunning robotic artwork based on pure conception and imagination. We have collected these artwork for you so that you can enlighten your imagination. Hope you’ll like this collection.

1. Robot by Neisbeis

Robots Illustrations

2. Love and War by Fuchsiart

Robots Illustrations

3. Mx1-Nergal by ~likaspapaya

Robots Illustrations

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3D Design Inspiration Intricate Stylings of CAD Modelling

Posted By  | on December 13, 2010 | in Graphics, Inspiration1 Comment

This is a showcase to recognize the talents of 3D designers who master the skills of programs such as Solidworks and AutoCAD, and various other CAD software programs. I personally am familiar with Solidworks and have spent many an hour working on sketch planes and extruding sketch models, but these examples show just how far you can go in creating just about anything if you have the patience and skills in CAD programs.

All of these 3D models have been found across various portfolio and other design inspiration sites and are copyright of the respective designers and students alike. Be sure to leave your comments at the bottom of this article and on the works themselves!

1. Henry Parnell: Combine 2030

2. Emil Baddal: BMW GT Concept

3. Benoit Louzaouen

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45 Good Looking Slideshows in Web Designs

Posted By  | on December 8, 2010 | in Inspiration5 Comments

The use of sliders in web design has become more and more popular and is definitely a trend these days. Everyone has a faster connection, better browsers and better software compared to just a few years back. This has allowed web designers to use more fancy looking elements in their designs. With the use of these sliders, the people and companies behind these websites get a unique way of getting a more professional look and showing off more content at the same time. With these sliders they’re able to highlight featured content and more.

1. Esteban Munos

Esteban Munos sliders in web design

2. Graffino

Graffino sliders in web design

3. Online Portfolio of Martyn Palmer

Online portfolio of Martyn Palmer sliders in web design

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