Helpful Online Job Sites for Freelance Designers

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On: 3  Sep  2012
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If you’re an online professional, whether a web designer, creator, seller or businessperson, you know that the days never seem to be long enough and the tasks never seem to end. You also know that a well-designed app, one that save you time and helps you earn, is like money in the bank. With that in mind we present a collection of excellent apps that we’re sure you’ll like. From helping you get things done on time to making the creative process a little easier, these apps have the goods. Click on a few and take them out for a spin.

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tn3Gallery – Making your WordPress blog look professional and attractive

Anyone who uses WordPress knows that it’s a great blog platform. Anyone who knows the web knows that a blog needs to look good and have great content to attract visitors. With this excellent WordPress plug-in you get the best of both worlds; a tool that lets you manipulate pictures and videos in a lot of creative ways that, when you’re done, make your blog look like it was done by a professional. I’ve used it and it works quite well.

Best Feature – The tools are built in so no need for externals.


Another popular option for prospective freelancers is iFreelance. Built around the same premise as Freelancer, job seekers search for and bid on potential projects that are posted by a wide-array of companies. Web design, programming and copywriting are among the more popular positions listed, but they also have opportunities in the legal, marketing and engineering realms. The site claims no commission, so workers get to keep 100% of their earnings.


A proponent of the virtual office and the entrepreneurial spirit, Guru provides potential freelancers with the support and network they need to get the job done. In addition to connecting with potential business partners, Guru also gives freelancers the opportunity to build and maintain an online portfolio that showcases their skills and talents. The site even offers tools that gauge and assess user’s strengths and abilities.

So, whether you’re a recent graduate trying to gain some beneficial experience or a seasoned professional just looking to earn some supplemental income, consider giving these sites a try—you just might be surprised.

Article By: Stephanie Brooks

Stephanie Brooks is a freelance writer and blogger who mostly enjoys covering all things education, including online universities and traditional brick-and-mortar institutions. When she' snot writing, she can be found at the gym working out to Zumba and cooking healthy recipes at home. She welcomes your feedback.

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  1. Andrew Handley says:

    I haven’t yet tried out Guru or tn3Gallery… iFreelance is a nice idea but sadly there is not a great number of jobs offered.

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