Get Into Responsive Web Design (Infographic)

On: 21 Aug 2012
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Do you know what devices and browsers will be used to view your site? Most probably not, but you want your site to be equally friendly to mobile, tablet and desktop users, right? And this is where responsive design steps in. You build a responsive site that easily adapts to different screen sizes and therefore provide the best user experience for the widest range of users without the need to build multiple versions of the same site. Actually, responsive approach is about designing flexible sites and the top 3 features of responsive web design are fluid grids, media queries and responsive images. Of course, there are much more you should know before you start building responsive sites, but if you’d like to get into responsive web design, may we suggest that you check the infographic that has been recently released by TemplateMonster? This infographic explains the basics of responsive design and also includes links to the most comprehensive articles, tutorials and books on this topic.

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Although, the infographic is an ultimate resource for web designers and webmasters who want to make their sites responsive, we’d like to mention a few more tools (such as and These are the tools which you can use to check if a site is responsive or not. For instance, with iPadPeek you can test how your site looks like when viewed on an iPad and with TestiPhone you will see your site as mobile users will see it.

Btw, guys who created the infographic we’re featuring today are open to new suggestions. So, if you know other tips, articles or tools related to responsive web design, please submit them using the contact form below the dynamic infographics.

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