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30 Fresh and Best Inspirational Website Designs

Posted By  | on April 6, 2011 | in Design16 Comments

Now a daze a website is the first place where a company can make know their cool stuff and services. A Creative website is very important for the growth of a business (a product, or a freelancer).

Website design inspiration can help you stay up to date on current trends, Design Structure, Color Combinations; CSS design concepts and understand overall design process. When you are designing a website it’s a great idea to gain creativity from others. In this Post you’ll find a high creative, fresh and best inspirational design I found through deep search and spot out other differences that we missed. Enjoy and get inspired!

1. Spoon

30 Fresh and Best Inspirational Website Designs

2. Tumblr

30 Fresh and Best Inspirational Website Designs

3. Bnewton

30 Fresh and Best Inspirational Website Designs

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35+ Corporate Website Designs Of Top Brands

Posted By  | on September 15, 2010 | in Inspiration30 Comments

World is changing rapidly and now people are making their fortune on the internet by virtue of a website, and due to this reason a professional website design is so important to achieve a solid and long-lasting impression on customers. It is a well designed corporate website which convey information about your business to your potential customers in the most direct, clean and usable manner. Below we have listed excellent examples of corporate website for your inspiration so that you can choose the best layout, graphics and color palettes for your website.

1. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

2. ThinkFree


3. 1024 Media

1024 Media

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40 Modern Contact Form Designs

Posted By  | on June 6, 2010 | in Design1 Comment

Contact form is one of very important page for web sites, which is main communication channel between visitors and web site owners, like feedbacks, sharing stuff’s, hiring people, Get Contact with Corporate Companies, etc… Here I have showcased 40 Modern creative contact form designs, kindly refer and make your site contact form also different.

1. Dom Design

2. Lamasamimatta

3. Umquarto

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