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25 Fresh HTML5 Websites for your Inspiration

Creative websites are being created every day pushing the limitations of HTML in each direction, new technologies like HTML5 helps to designing a trendy and stylish websites. After all the benefits of HTML5 settled, we can see websites taking advantage of it to create smooth transitions, nice image sliders and animations. These have become new [...]

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On: 10  Apr  2014

30 Web Design Inspirations #04

Inspiration is most important for Web Designers, you must to know about the current trend and new trends emerging quite often. So every designer before designing a new website you may be inspired by other sites which are creatively designed. In this collection, you’ll find a creative designs and new trends including minimal layouts, impressive [...]

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On: 24  Oct  2013

30 Impressive Web Design Inspirations #03

Impressive Web Design Inspirations

As a webby you’ll be looking at a lot of websites for creative inspiration to keep you up with current design trends. In this collection, you’ll see a variety of creative designs and new trends including minimal layouts, impressive parallax scrolling, minimalist, clean, and simple unusual illustrated designs. We’ve gathered 30 Impressive Web Design Inspiration [...]

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On: 8  Oct  2013

33 Outstanding Yellow Color Websites to Inspire You

33 Outstanding Yellow Color Websites to Inspire You

Choosing Color is an important aspect of web design. Web and Graphic designers choose a color carefully to get reader’s attention. So yellow is a bright and exciting color which one definitely captures a reader’s attention. Yellow is the color of gold, butter, or ripe lemons. In the spectrum of visible light and in the [...]

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On: 18  Jul  2013

45+ Fresh Blue and Green Color Inspirational Websites

What makes everyone to opt for blue and green color in web designs always? These are the colors of paradise. Blue color is everlastingly signified as a source of delight and the website in this color reveals it with more pleasing sense. Green color is the pervasive color in the natural world. It symbolizes the [...]

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On: 23  Jul  2012

Do not make your website header scary – Tips to make it beautiful

Since header of a website takes up a significant portion of the above the fold section, it makes perfect sense to make it look as simple and beautiful as possible. Failing to do so may result in drastic increase in bounce rate. So, quite obviously, it is the header that can make or break the [...]

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On: 11  Jun  2012

20 Awesome Responsive Websites

The key point of a responsive web design is creating flexible websites, the websites that would fit different screen sizes. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the layout will look the same in different browsers; this approach only ensures the best user experience whatever device the site is being viewed on. Now, we’d like you [...]

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On: 23  May  2012