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30 Awesome IPhone4 Wallpapers

Posted By  | on February 29, 2012 | in Freebies2 Comments

The future of Apple is subject for many blogs and people, the death of the brilliant brain, Steve Jobs being the trigger of many changes. Apple’s leading position in the world meant work, marketing, and imagination and then again even more work and few manage to get this. Nowadays, Samsung became the company with the most sold smartphones, but I am pretty sure that next year Tim Cock& co. will release a new version of iPhone that will make the competition ever harsher.

Until Apple will bring something totally new, I made here a collection of the best wallpapers for the iPhone 4. I don’t know how are you are feeling, but to me a new wallpaper is a source of inspiration and I am quickly bored by the same one for more than few days. No matter which is the subject of the wallpaper or the style adopted, a nice one is loved by people and thinking more pragmatically, it could be a source of getting recognition and clients… a good design is always remarked by the specialists. Think of this, you create stunning wallpapers, upload on an online collection of these and people start downloading very frequent, so across time you became an influential creator of iPhone wallpapers.

There are a lot of opportunities; you should just be prepared to see these. Be inspired by this collection and please let me know which one is your favorite.

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01. Anomaly Iphone Wallpaper

30 awesome iPhone4 wallpapers

02. Fishercat Iphone Wallpaper

30 awesome iPhone4 wallpapers

03. Abstract Theme Iphone Wallpaper

30 awesome iPhone4 wallpapers

04. Dark Lime Iphone Wallpaper

30 awesome iPhone4 wallpapers

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40 amazing Fresh iPhone Wallpaper Collections

Posted By  | on May 23, 2010 | in Graphics, Inspiration3 Comments

This is a collections of 40 amazing iphone wallpapers designed by finest and creative artist around the world. Now day’s iphone users are increasing and they expecting some creative and amazing wallpapers for making the display bright to inspire others. So here we listed here most impressive, beautiful, and outstanding wallpapers collections. These wallpapers are 320×480 pixels in resolution usable on the iPod as well. In this post we cover nature, retro and vintage, illustrations, abstract, and space wallpaper designs.

1. Spontaneous Combustion iphone wallpaper

Spontaneous Combustion iphone wallpaper

2. Flying Kiss iphone wallpaper

Flying Kiss iphone wallpaper

3. Butterfly ipone wallpaper

Butterfly ipone wallpaper

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