4 Easy Ways of Overcoming Designer’s Block

Published March 9, 2012 in in Productivity

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Web designers are creative types in general, and very often are inspired by many various elements in their daily life. However, every person, even the creative web designer, can feel like their muse has left them on some uninspired days. Creative blocks are common, and can be extremely frustrating, but if you are in need of web design inspiration, look no further. Below are some initiatives to take in order to achieve inspired design.

01. Surf for Ideas

4 Easy Ways of Overcoming Designer's Block

Browse the web often. Perhaps one of the most inspiring things to do is bounce around the internet looking at cool sites you want to emulate. If you see something really outstanding, it will likely inspire you immediately. Keep your eyes peeled for the types of sites that really drive user interaction and make you say “wow” with just one click, and then let the creative juices flow!

02. Social Media as your Muse

4 Easy Ways of Overcoming Designer's Block

Create a Pinterest or Flicker account to start collecting sites and images that make you think, or that you just really love the look of. During days when you are feeling the less-than-inspired doldrums as a result of creative blocks, you can harvest ideas from your inspiration boards and albums. Keeping track of sites and images you find along your web browsing journey on a regular basis can help you keep a stockpile of inspiration right at your fingertips for times when you need it most.

03. Check the Latest Trends

4 Easy Ways of Overcoming Designer's Block

You should also check to make sure you are keeping up with the latest design trends. For example, in 2012 Design Trends, we will probably see even more ways to make the user interface as intuitive and interactive as possible, including possible touch screen functions, drop down menus, and shadowboxes. Keeping track of the trends will inspire you to keep working and make your design stand out above the competition. You will also benefit from knowing about these trends in company meetings, freelance contracts, or job interviews, and woo both your professional contacts and the users who see your interface on a regular basis.

Visit and follow “inspiration” sites to get creative vision sent right to your inbox on a daily basis. Some such hubs, such as WebDesignInpsiration, post up to 10 inspiring sites for you to look at each day. Some design sites even post instructional videos for you to watch. With so many options to browse through, you will likely find inspiration whether you want to or not.

Keep up with the new innovations in the technology you use to enact design, such as Fireworks, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator and Dreamweaver through industry publications and internet tutorials. It is important that you stay on top of the developments that happen with your favorite design tools, since they happen so frequently. For example, there are sites that discuss the innovations in each company or product as they occur, leading you to the most relevant and interesting material on a regular basis. Tutorials can also be a source of inspiration in themselves, and after watching one, you may just have the best idea you have ever come up with for a project.

04. Blog It

Blog about your experiences and frustrations and follow design blogs. When you have a community keeping you accountable, you are less likely to lose track of your goals. These bloggers can also help you with their feedback during days of malaise, and you can visit their sites for inspiration as well.

By keeping up with the trends and innovations in your field, by seeking out and collecting images and sites that inspire you, and by creating community, your inspiration will never be far away. Keeping yourself motivated and inspired will help you produce stellar design that you can be proud of, and that your clients and users will appreciate.

4 Comments to “4 Easy Ways of Overcoming Designer’s Block”

  1. Excellent tips and suggestion. Liked to read this article, some great concepts are clear on my mind and give me new ideas to promote my design business.

  2. Deborah says:

    Thanks for the tips and the link to WebDesignInspiration site. I like using Evernote to curate ideas for projects. Another tip is to get involved with local community groups, whether AIGA, Refreshing Cities, IxDA, Usability Association, Adobe, etc.

  3. Shiva says:

    It is very nice and useful for me…..
    Thank you…

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