Showcase of 30 Most Attractive Black & White Color Websites

Black and White color scheme is very fascinating to see in websites. Because of its simplicity, black and white web design has been used by quite a number of sites. Here are some wonderful examples of black and white websites, from graceful, well-organized, typographic layouts to high-impact. Today we are presenting Showcase of 30 Most [...]

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On: 19  Feb  2013

20 Clean and Minimal Ecommerce Designs

20 Clean and Minimal Ecommerce Designs

Ecommerce is an ever-growing industry that is convenient for both seller and buyer. Shoppers can buy products without leaving the house, while merchants can manage a website rather than an entire store. But when developing your online store, you should approach its design the same way you would a physical store, and think about what [...]

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On: 30  Jan  2013

120 Impressive Collections of jQuery Effects From 2012

This article is one of the largest and up to date collections of jQuery effects. I’m very sure this can save you time find the right solution for your web projects. Few years back Flash was the technology used by many web designers, But now its the turn of jQuery to add animation, interactivity, light [...]

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On: 31  Dec  2012

85 Impressive Portfolio Website Roundups From 2012

85 Impressive Portfolio Website Roundups From 2012

Designing a portfolio website can be difficult because of all the different options and various layout solutions you can choose. Because portfolio sites can be so important for designers, they also tend to be great sources of inspiration. A good portfolio website can be one of the most effective marketing and business tools a designer. [...]

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On: 26  Dec  2012

40+ Fantastic Collections of Christmas Wallpapers

Webdesignersblog wishes you all Marry Christmas and would like to share with you Fantastic Collections of Wallpapers for your Desktop. Christmas is the biggest event for Christian community when they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. When we think about Christmas, a lot of things come in to our memories joyful time of the year, [...]

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On: 21  Dec  2012

20 New Creative Web Design Agency Websites for Inspiration

Design agencies are full up nowadays. Being a client you might just be confused to whom you want. Design agencies are always strive to have a creative source to attract & impress the clients and customers professionally and personally. In this post we want to show you some of the 20 creative design studios presenting [...]

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On: 14  Dec  2012

30 Wildlife Animals Zoo & Sanctuary Website Designs for Your Inspiration

Wild life sanctuary is a home away from home for all the wild species. Its importance is not limited to recreational activities for men but in a broader sense provides a means to preserve these animals in their natural habitat. Wild life sanctuary is an in-situ approach whereas zoo is an ex-situ approach, because zoo [...]

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On: 5  Dec  2012

Blue As a Brand Color

If you’re planning a website for your business, one of the things to consider is the importance of color in branding. Think carefully when choosing a primary color, because the color has a big impact on how visitors will respond to your site. Different colors evoke different emotions. However, there is one color that works [...]

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On: 3  Dec  2012

55 Free and High Quality Christmas Vector Graphics

The moment Christmas comes into our mind; it is the joy of receiving gifts that blooms in our heart. The sound of Christmas carols, the jingling bells, the view of trees covered with serene white snow, charms our being. The vector designs offered here connects the nostalgic beautiful moments of your Christmas past to the [...]

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On: 29  Nov  2012

28 World’s Famous Automobile Manufacturers Websites to Inspire You

The Automobile industry is one of the world’s most important economic sectors by revenue. In car related websites you can find all the cars on one page, individual car pages with photo galleries, Cars 360 views, customize your own car feature, highly image-driven, usually combined with animations, audio and video. Not only this, you no [...]

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On: 21  Nov  2012