10 Fresh and Lite Jquery Content Sliders

Posted By  | on September 24, 2010 | in Coding22 Comments

Content sliders increase the usability of a web design. Dynamic auto sliding content sliders are a lot popular on numerous websites over the web. If you are upset from old plugins , here is the list of 10 fresh jquery plugins.

1. Sliding Panel

2. Smooth Div Scroll

3. Billy Carousel

50 Creative 404 Error Pages

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There are many reasons why your websites needs a 404 error page. You might have moved some pages, or changed your URL structure, and now any links going to those pages no longer work. Web servers provide your website with a default 404 error page, but this is usually a very simple, boring page which usually results in visitors leaving your website.

Many web designers take the time to build a custom 404 page, that helps keep visitors on your website, perhaps suggesting alternative content or simply keeping them amused in the face of an error. Below you’ll find a collection of 50 unusual and innovative 404 error pages.

1. Acromediainc


2. Amorphia-apparel


3. Berganblue


20 Creative Concept Cars

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Creating concepts for cars helps give designers freedom from creating boring and standard car designs. While the chances of you ever seeing one of these cars on the road is very slim, it helps by inspiring more realistic ideas for our current vehicles. In this post I will share with you 20 creative concept cars.

1. Blue Will

Blue Will

2. Aid Necessities Transporter

Aid Necessities Transporter

3. AMATOYA – Fire Reconnaissance Vehicle

AMATOYA – Fire Reconnaissance Vehicle

Showcase of Amazing Vector Art

Posted By  | on September 17, 2010 | in Graphics, Inspiration28 Comments

Seeing what are designers are doing can be a great source of inspiration and motivation. Today we’re featuring vector designs, and this post includes more than 30 for your own inspiration. This showcase includes vectors of people, cars, and other objects.

1. Pepper Vector

Pepper Vector

2. Goldfish Turn On

Goldfish Turn On

3. Super Lucky Nintendo

Super Lucky Nintendo

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