20 Stunning Billboards Advertising that will catch your attention

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Most of the time, billboard ads are an annoyance, filling the side of the roads with cheap design and poor concepts. However, the billboards in this posts are not your ordinary billboard. These are funny, creative and/or well-thought ads that really stand-out.

1. IKEA billboard

2. Floralp butter

3. Miele vacuum cleaner

35 Inspiring Design and Development Related Event Websites

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We decided to put together a somewhat different list of inspiring websites. We’re featuring upcoming design, artistic and development related events and conferences websites. The idea is not only to show you ‘beautiful and well designed’ websites but also conferences, talks and places where you can go to get inspiration and to meet people. From UX workshops to Arts Festival and New Adventures in Web Design, you will see inspiring websites and even more inspiring events to renew your ideas and networking. Hope you enjoy.

1. Hull Digital Live 10

Hull’s very own digital & technology conference is back!


2. Crafty 2010

Craft returns to the forefront of creative consciousness this ctober. Featuring 14 remarkable individuals, Crafty will explore the artistry and process behind disciplines from design to art, fashion to film and advertising to specialized print techniques.


3. Tahoe Tech Talk

An interactive conference with lots of Q&A in beautiful Lake Tahoe.


52 Large Photo Background In Web Design Examples

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Large photo background web design seems to be a trend before, a seamless border which create a very amazing web design yet in unique style of decoration. Large Background Web Design usually use either photography or an abstract illustration to stand out from the other lame web design which limited to the boundary of div, or table.

If you are going to have a photo or image background in your web design, here are some great examples & tutorials of photo background websites for you.I hope you like it.

1. Ecovittaresidencial

2. Forestedge

3. Exclusivereels

10 Craziest Green Ideas

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1. Hotel offers free meal to guests who are willing to generate electricity


The Crown Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen , Denmark , is offering a free meal to any guest who is able to produce electricity for the hotel on an exercise bike attached to a generator. Guests will have to produce at least 10 watt hours of electricity – roughly 15 minutes of cycling for someone of average fitness. They will then be given meal vouchers worth $36 (26 euros).

2. Disco pub gets electricity produced by people dancing at specially modified dance floor


All the flashing strobes and pounding speakers at the dance club are massive consumers of electrical power. So Bar Surya, in London, re-outfitted its floor with springs that, when compressed by dancers, could produce electrical current that would be stored in batteries and used to offset some of the club’s electrical burden. The club’s owner, Andrew Charalambous, said the dance floor can now power 60 percent of the club’s energy needs.

3. Brothel offers discount to eco-friendly customers who use bikes


A Berlin brothel came up with an innovative way to attract customers during the economic crisis, and do something to help avoid climate change at the same time. They’re offering a discount to patrons who arrive on bicycles. According to Thomas Goetz, owner of the ‘Maison d’envie’ brothel, the recession hit their industry hard. Customers who arrive on bicycle or who can prove they took public transport get a €5 (£4.30) discount from the usual €70 (£60) fee for 45 minute sessions.

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