30+ Amazing Examples of Infrared Photography

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In infrared photography, the film or image sensor used is sensitive to infrared light. The part of the spectrum used is referred to as near-infrared to distinguish it from far-infrared, which is the domain of thermal imaging. Wavelengths used for photography range from about 700 nm to about 900 nm. This type of photography can produce really amazing and dream-like images.

Just for your inspiration, we have collected 35+ Stunning Examples of Infrared Photography.

1. Anrold

2. Thaib Chaidar

3. Bonnie Kirkpatrick

17 Useful Library and Components for Javascript Developers

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JavaScript is a popular way of enabling programmatic access to computational objects within a host environment with the use of scripting language. It is currently the most popular programming language in the web. The objective of the functional programming language is to enhance user interface and to provide dynamic and interactive websites. The programmers can apply some scripting modules from different JavaScript libraries or toolkits to create awesome and effective screen-casts.

The following is a JavaScript developer center that includes some JavaScript libraries that offer different modules like Core, AJAX, Events, Load, CSS and many more. Whether the programmers want to provide enhanced multiple file upload methods, creating standard based web forms, or devise mouse gesture, they have many options of JavaScript libraries. Likewise, creating interactive maps, images and image effects, multiple types of charts, and graphs is highly possible with charting or image development toolkits.

1. Alloy UI

Alloy UI is a JavaScript UI library, a CSS framework, a set of HTML recipes and a taglib library, all combined to empower developers across multi-skilled teams deliver rich and dynamic applications.

alloy Components for Javascript Developers

2. Sexy.js

Sexy.js is a lightweight (<1kb compressed) JavaScript library that provides enhanced sequential Ajax (Sajax) functionality. The library is chainable, enables you to manage script dependencies and write prettier code.

sexyjs Components for Javascript Developers

3. Polymaps

Polymaps is a free JavaScript library for creating dynamic and interactive maps. Besides the usual cartography from OpenStreetMap, CloudMade, Bing, etc., it works with image-based and vector-tiled maps by providing a quick display of multi-zoom datasets over maps, and supports a variety of visual presentations.

polymaps Components for Javascript Developers

75 Fresh Websites for your Inspiration

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Today, a website is not just information but also usability, design and ergonomics. The problem is that with these requirements, a simple web programmer is not enough, now we need true digital artists, people who know how to combine colors, images and fonts to create pieces of electronic art. Below you have 70 examples of sites that fit perfectly into today’s requirements.

1. mynus.sk

website inspiration

2. MotoCMS

website inspiration

40 Stunning Well Structured HTML5 Websites Designs

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HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language has seen a phenomenal growth from its birth. The current version is HTML 4 which is used for multimedia and interactiveness takes the support of plugins like Flash, Silver light and JAVA for an audio or video playback. HTML5 which is in its beta version allows you to write your code in HTML as well as in XML languages.

With HTML5 you don’t have to install an additional plug-in to listen to your songs. It lets the sites directly to embed media with simple HTML tags

1. HTML 5 readiness

A visualization of HTML 5 ready to be used in all major browsers with many features applicable like content editable, SVG, Geo-location, forms, SQL database, forms, video, media queries, transition, 3D transforms and many more in a simple way.

2. Mollar

A site designed by Rui Molar, a web and graphic designer who create simple, functional websites, distinguishable and creative print designs.

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