30 Fresh and Useful CSS3 & Jquery Effects with Tutorials from 2012

The web design industry is one of the most fast changing and growing. JQuery and CSS3 have caught the web and now it is one of the most preferred solutions in creating fancy animations. CSS3 is full of amazing features, some of which are less explored. JQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that [...]

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On: 1  Sep  2012

20 Fresh and New Portfolio Sites Design

Portfolio is the great way to show your reflection of works, skills and your talents; Most important think for designer or developer or Photographer are need to have an eye-catching portfolio site to communicate with client, any potential employer actually goes through your portfolio and sees your design work you have done before. When creating [...]

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On: 28  Aug  2012

25 Fresh & Brilliant Photo Manipulation Tutorials

When we talk about Image Effect or Editing, Photoshop is the first thing that comes to our minds. These 25 Fresh & Brilliant Examples of Photo Manipulation Tutorials helps to bring your ideas into reality and improve your creativity skill and make the most stunning photo effects. With the correct tools and techniques you can [...]

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On: 23  Aug  2012

Get Into Responsive Web Design (Infographic)

Do you know what devices and browsers will be used to view your site? Most probably not, but you want your site to be equally friendly to mobile, tablet and desktop users, right? And this is where responsive design steps in. You build a responsive site that easily adapts to different screen sizes and therefore [...]

On: 21  Aug  2012

40 Awesome New Application + Social Media Icon Sets for free Download

The icon is to communicate the message on the webpage or application to the visitors.Now days the social Medias have been increasing and so the status of icons is in leading position. Social media icons serve with universal importance; hence, it is highlighted in all the websites. Captivating social media icons grasp the viewer’s attention [...]

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On: 16  Aug  2012

40 Awesome Digital Paintings looks Truly Stunning

I’ve always been a fan of browsing the realistic artwork created by digitally painting in Photoshop. Digital painting is one of the most popular and harder techniques, but it also offers the widest range of creative possibilities. Digital paintings have emerged as a wonderful category of art. It combines traditional and art techniques with the [...]

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On: 13  Aug  2012

30 Awesome Examples of Dark Color Websites

Every one of us knows that color is one of the most important key aspects of web design. For those who prefer a minimal and clean design for their websites, dark color is definitely one of their top choices. It’s a simple truth that the dark colors you choose for your site it does can [...]

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On: 9  Aug  2012

30 Awesome Collection of Adobe Photoshop Brushes

Every Designer all over the world need to have a High Quality collection of Photoshop brushes all the time because it can save them in their time of need. But it’s not easy to collecting the best ones. To help you out, we have put together a Collection of Creative Photoshop brush packs that you [...]

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On: 6  Aug  2012

60+ Impressive Jquery Image Gallery, Lightbox, Tabs, Menu, Text Effects

jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, with powerful tools that improves the user’s interaction and helps developers to write code and develop products more quickly. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript. The usage of jQuery has increased dramatically and more specifically, HTML5 Canvas and CSS3 3D transform [...]

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On: 2  Aug  2012

27 New and Most Wanted Photoshop Tutorials

Today’s post is a great tutorial round up, which consists of Most Wanted Photoshop Tutorials. Adobe Photoshop is excellent and important software for those who are designers. Fortunately there are a number of tutorials specifically for designing, doing tutorials helps sharpen your creative skills, greatest source of inspiration, and for you to learn latest design [...]

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On: 30  Jul  2012