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On: 18  Jul  2012

In recent years, one of the more interesting trends in logo design has been creating artwork that’s heavily influenced by the 1950′s and 60′s. Vintage style logos have fallen into favour amongst web designers, potentially because the contrast between the high tech medium and the old-style Americana feel is so interesting. Retro style logos like this tend to reflect brands that are perhaps a bit more quirky, interesting and unusual – and as a result they also tend to stand out a bit more against their less excitingly designed rivals.

Retro logos have a particular look and feel about them – there’s often a very heavy emphasis on typography, particularly when a hand-written typeface is used. Circles are often used as a border to the main design, and sometimes a ribbon effect is adopted. Most noticeable, in many cases, are the colour choices – either vibrant reds, or very heavily muted colour palettes tend to work well – and all of these factors culminate in a beautifully designed, interesting and inspiring logo that could easily be at home in a 1950′s diner.

We’ve brought together a collection of creative, quirky and fun retro style logos that will hopefully inspire you for your next logo design project.

Have you found any brilliantly designed retro style logos that you want to share? Let us know in the comments.

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01. New QuirkTools

02. Angelos

03. EasyShift

04. Classico Shot

05. 2 Cents

06. Web Machine Stamp

07. Outpost

08. Milkshake Creative

09. Jolly

10. Brand Aid Design Co

11. DC Kaufman Electric

12. Aviators

13. Franko Snmall Engines

14. Raygun Creative

15. Flight Center

16. Am Fashioned Draft

17. Atomic Wrangler

18. Secret Pixel

19. Nads Hens

20. Clauss Concept

Have you found any brilliantly designed retro style logos that you want to share? Let us know in the comments.

Article By: Dan Robinson

Dan writes for gift ideas experts The Handpicked Collection, who specialise in unusual Christmas gifts & presents. In his spare time he studies graphic and web design, and is currently learning to code iPhone apps.

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6 Comments to “Collections of Retro Style Logo Designs”

  1. Nice collection, makes me feel a bit nostalgic

  2. Amandine says:

    Very nice logos, I love the style and I actually already enjoyed designing retro style logos. This one is for a company specialized in home help and support in France.
    I hope you will enjoy it to complete your collection !

  3. very nice.. it shows creativity of designer..

  4. werk26 says:

    Nicew Collection! I like “08. Milkshake Creative” the most!

  5. crea8ive says:

    Nice Collections of Retro Style Logo Designs… logos are very useful for all… thanks for sharing

  6. digital12 says:

    Wow! Its extremely inventive and beautiful emblem style inspiration at one place…

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