40 Stunning Well Structured HTML5 Websites Designs

Published November 22, 2010 in in Inspiration

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HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language has seen a phenomenal growth from its birth. The current version is HTML 4 which is used for multimedia and interactiveness takes the support of plugins like Flash, Silver light and JAVA for an audio or video playback. HTML5 which is in its beta version allows you to write your code in HTML as well as in XML languages.

With HTML5 you don’t have to install an additional plug-in to listen to your songs. It lets the sites directly to embed media with simple HTML tags

1. HTML 5 readiness

A visualization of HTML 5 ready to be used in all major browsers with many features applicable like content editable, SVG, Geo-location, forms, SQL database, forms, video, media queries, transition, 3D transforms and many more in a simple way.

2. Mollar

A site designed by Rui Molar, a web and graphic designer who create simple, functional websites, distinguishable and creative print designs.

3. New Zealand arts festival

A complete program  of NewZealand International Arts festival which held many programmes like Theater, dance, music, festival club, visual arts which individually described all the events beautifully.

4. Clear Ideaz

5. Ella design

Ella design, a graphic designer from HongKong having an experience of more than 8 years in graphic / web design. Her experienceas a designer includes in the printing industry, marketing/advertising industry, and non-profit institution.

6. HTML 5 tutorial

HTML 5 is rapidly growing and not many will be aware of the latest developments in HTML 5. Apart from new tags like header, section,  footer and new video tags there is a lot more to discover in this website.

7. Impact ideas

8. Mike Mai

This network runs a series of websites designed and developed by Mike Mai. Offers graphic design services globally.

9. Ousmane Ndiaye

10. Pixel Bender

A design studio, Pixel bender creative excels in helping small scale businesses by providing great design solutions. Located in Parks ville, British Columbia already have an impressive list of clients.

11. Toy Story3

12. Tyler Herman

Designed by Tyler Herman, a freelance web designer, who focuses on building websites clean and simple to navigate. Also takes care about the SEO, SEM and helps out in updating your own content.

13. Alsa Creations

14. Bonnette Anderson

Bonnett-Anderson are a professional and creative company specialising in education and the public sector. Offers a range of activities including self evaluation, cirriculum development, building leadership, improving learning and teaching and lot more.

15. Donkey Magic

Created by Richard Stephenson, a freelance website designer and developer who has worked on many projects like Sefish UK ltd, AWA Digital, Emsleys, Forsyth and vaious freelance web development jobs in PHP, HTML, CSS and JS.

16. Elvery

Designed by Simon Elvery , a Web developer discusses here his first update on WP-Footnotes , his word press plug in for simple creation and maintainence of footnotes on a Word Press site.

17. Frojd

18. Great Blue Heron

A personal site designed by Brandon Ewoldt to post articles, links, photos, video, audio and other interesting stuff.

19. HTML 5 Buch

20. Scratch Radio

A student and community radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day from studios in Birmingham which is the only joint student and community radio station.

21. Spaghetti PHP

22. Talita Pagani

23. The Design Superhero

A site based on multilingual blogging which takes care of your content because you are writing for a global audience. He stresses  on the need why you should go for multilingual blogging. Explore more here.

24. Vision 18

Vision 18 aims to virtualize your operations and focuses on Turning Business Ideas into Business Results. They are an IT firm delivering cost effective, high quality result oriented web and e-commerce solutions for global clients. Other services include graphic designing, SW development, SEO branding, System administration.

25. Vtech

26. Zoocha

Zoocha, an independent and innovative creative digital agency to design and maintain your online strategy having an experience of over 30 years in digital and print world, online retail, financial services and consulting. Also in search engine optimization, e commerce, content management and marketing services.

27. Anino

A group of multimedia artists, Anino Shadow play collective id dedicated to popularize the art of shadow play in the Philippines. They carry out live performances, exhibitions, video, and workshops.

28. Cat Cubed

Colin Fahrion here discusses about the features in i Phone which could be updated 2 years from now or now itself. He has got many features like i Chat, copy & paste, video camera, v card sending, search functionality and still waiting for some features like Wifi sync, network printing, air tunes support and lot more.

29. Codeshow

30. Eye Styles

In Eye Styles you could discover an exciting experience with the eye wears. Offered her are fabulous frames, contact lenses with eye examinations taking care of the individual needs.

31. Gaga Debki

32. I am Jamie

Designed by Jamie, Web designer from UK who builds sites with Expression Engine and PHP and MySQL, Flash. Also a part of great team of web designers and developers , ‘Strawberry’.

33. HTML 5 Tutorial

HTML 5 is rapidly growing and not many will be aware of the latest developments in HTML 5. Apart from new tags like header, section, footer and new video tags there is a lot more to discover in this website.

34. This is Nation

Here you could a variety of designer products as vinyl toys, plush toys, artwork, apparels and many more. Up to date products also change here every day to be with the latest.

35. Creart Magazine

36. Studio 78

37. Designinsocial

38. Source Bits

A model of a fictional shopping cart. The site is powerd by HTML 5, Safari 4 and CSS 3. Uses modern features implemented in Safari 4 such as canvas drawing, SVG images, CSS animation, HTML 5 sessions, uses minimal java script to process data from HTML 5 form.

39. DND

40. Fatfold

A site where you could send and receive random messages from anyone. Post your question and see the replies. You could browse some of the questions or go through the lost list of archives from the list displayed.

41. DS 3

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