30 Amazing Brown Color Website Designs

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On: 14  Feb  2011
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Brown is an earthy color that represents simplicity, friendliness, and dependability. While alot of designers prefer to use bright colors for their websites because they attract immediate attention, browns are a great base color for your design because it works well with so many other colors.

Today lets take a look at 30 beautiful brown websites that will hopefully inspire you. If used correctly brown can promote a sense of trust, authenticity and authority to your designs.

1. Dann Whittaker

2. Ad Flavor

3. Sibling Rivalry

4. Mia and Maggie

5. Caribou Coffee

6. James Lai Creative

7. Things That Are Brown

8. Respiro Media

9. Eat Fig

10. CSS Jockey

11. Blogger Bake Off

12. Barley’s

13. Riot Industries

14. Hippo House

15. Clear Ideaz

16. Oahu Real Estate

17. Taming the Wolf

18. Happily Create

19. Washtenaw Community College

20. Tea Round

21. Team Fannypack

22. Mayflower Brewing

23. Edgepoint Church

24. Varnion

25. Andreas Hinkel

26. Cool Showcase

27. Elitist Snob

28. Gianni’s Steakhouse

29. Opera Ma-ge

30. Agami Creative

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  1. Madeline says:

    These brown designs are magnificent! Brown is an earthy calm color and the richness really brings out color accents. I’ve been afraid to use brown as a main color but I guess if you know how to use it…it can be very bold and classy.

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