20 Awesome Responsive Websites

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On: 23  May  2012

The key point of a responsive web design is creating flexible websites, the websites that would fit different screen sizes. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the layout will look the same in different browsers; this approach only ensures the best user experience whatever device the site is being viewed on.

Now, we’d like you to see some awesome examples of responsive web design. We hope you will like that each responsive website is available in 3 sizes; just as you would view it on your desktop, tablet and mobile.

Btw, if you wish you can test the following sites (as well as other responsive websites) on different devices without actually having them :-) For instance, you can use iPadPeek to see how the website looks when viewed with an iPad, and then switch to TestiPhone to see what mobile users will see when they visit the same website.

With the growing number of people using tablets, netbooks and mobile devices to go online, more and more websites are designed to be responsive and adaptive, and if you’re looking for some inspiration before making your site responsive, you’ll definitely find it here.

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01. inflexioninteractive

02. trentwalton

03. oliverrussell

04. denisechandler

05. 2012 dconstruct

06. enochs

07. createdm

08. webcoursesagency

09. morehazards

10. colbowdesign

11. foodsense

12. hillsong

13. brickartist

14. startupbritain

15. anthonycalzadilla

16. unitedpixelworkers

17. bahstonfilmcritic

18. colazionedamichy

19. sleepstreet

20. wcst

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  1. Dzinepress says:

    you excellent collection of web designs.

  2. Bradley West says:

    There is a great collection of high quality responsive websites. I really feel that responsive sites can bring in a personal touch to a sites design and also aid the user if they are on a smaller screen. It is amazing to see how the different media scripts run in order for the resizing to take place. Thank you for sharing 20 sites they will be a great inspiration to me in the future.

  3. Awesome collection. Responsive web pages are a huge plus for businesses.


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