13 Websites with Mind-Blowing jQuery Effects

Published October 22, 2010 in in Inspiration

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The battle between Flash has been raging on for the past year or so, with Steve Jobs and his friends at Apple making a strong case for a Flash-less future. And while HTML5 can do some pretty awesome effects, it’s not up to standards yet. Flash has always been buggy, and a lot of users often have Flash disabled for various reasons. Enter jQuery.

jQuery has gotten exponentially better over the years (and it was already awesome to begin with) and it is truly amazing to see people push it to it’s limits and beyond. There are so many websites out there that at first glance you would instantly take for Flash because of the sophistication of the animations.

1. Cafundo


2. Jacob O’neal

Jacob O'neal

3. Appear


4. Vivo Group

Vivo Group

5. Made By Water

Made By Water

6. Alex Buga

Alex Buga

7. Jan-Eike Koorman

Jan-Eike Koorman

8. Goodworks Media

Goodworks Media

9. Novembro


10. Lava Graphics

Lava Graphics

11. Unowhy


12. Esteban Munoz

Esteban Munoz

13. Digital Puffin

Digital Puffin

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8 Comments to “13 Websites with Mind-Blowing jQuery Effects”

  1. Sean Smyth says:

    No.7 is linked wrong.

  2. Cagsun says:

    There’s also quite a bit of jquery animation in one of my last projects.
    Let me know what you think about it.

  3. vishal says:

    Some pretty neat work there!
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  4. very inspiring list!!Some of them were really great!Thank you for sharing!! :)

  5. cool jquery effects.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. neo says:

    thanks for very inspiring list with jquery effects

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