New Subscription Plans of Depositphotos

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On: 30  May  2013

Depositphotos has gained some popularity nowadays. This site has been developing impressively in the recent years. With more than 14 million stock files (including stock photos, vectors, and videos) and more than 1 million trusted users, this microstock agency has proven that they are one of the best agencies in this industry.

New Subscription Plans of Depositphotos

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As we all know, for buying stock files in Depositphotos we can use two methods: Pro Subscription Plans and Pay-As-You-Go Credits; the last one is more known as only “credit”. For you who have been familiar with these methods, maybe should take a little time longer reading this article to gain the newest news about the plans.

Recently, Depostiphotos has changed its subscription plans. However, the change in the subscription method is not followed by the change in the credit method. It means that for you who often use credits, you should have no worries. Actually, the change is not really much and complicated, but still, the change is important to be known especially for its trusted customers. You can see the difference by looking into these illustrations below:

The old subscription plans

New Subscription Plans of Depositphotos

The new subscription plans

New Subscription Plans of Depositphotos

As we can see, now the Pro Subscription Plan is divided into two new categories: Daily Subscription Plan and Monthly Subscription Plan. Actually, the old subscription plan is converted into what it is called “Daily Subscription Plan”. In Daily Subscription Plan, you are able to download certain amount of stock files per day. This method and pricing are all the same with its predecessor. Meanwhile, as it names implies, Monthly Subscription Plan gives you certain amount of download per month. Daily Subscription Plan is more suitable for people who need a lot of images every day like designers or publishers. Whereas, the newest Monthly Subscription Plan is perfect for people who need images every month, but with lesser amount such as students, teacher, and etcetera.

With the new Monthly Subscription Plan, people can download many images within limit at any time during the time selection on monthly basis. The longer the subscription, the cheaper the price for one image will be; or the more amount of downloads per month, the cheaper the price too.

This new subscription plan of Depositphotos has added more convenient way of shopping in this microstock website. With the newest paying solution from this site, of course the new kind of customers can also be accommodated; means more customers and more success.

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