37 High Quality New Texture Packs

On: 25 Jun 2012
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Textures are a great mode to improve your designing creativity. Now a day’s textures doing a main role in web design and graphic design, textures are one of the most compulsory components. In Designing field every designers should have a healthy collection of resources in their toolbox. Always ready for any possible creative scenario. So every designer is looking for textures but they do not get all at one place so in this collection we have collected 37 High Quality different types of Texture Packs of grunge, watercolor, bokeh, fabric, metal, natural, paper, and much more.

In this today’s post we are showcased 37 High Quality New Texture Packs that will take your creativity to the next level.

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01. Concrete Block Texture

02. Tree Scape

03. Burned and Scratched

04. Striped Wood

05. Soda

06. Leather

07. Grunge Bricks

08. Colorful Bokeh

09. Simple Fabric

10. Abstract Blue Crystal

11. Post Card

12. Assorted Texture

13. Green Leaves

14. Turkois Paper Pack

15. Water Color Texture

16. Rusty Metal

17. Dark textures

18. 10 Texture Pack

19. Grunge Pack

20. Wood Material

21. Stone Material

22. Animal Pack

23. Grunge Slate

24. Floor Scratch Grunge

25. Paper Material

26. Vintage Grunge Pack

27. Grunge Texture

28. Concrete Pack

29. Grunge Wood

30. Wood Pack

31. Texture

32. Old Brick Wall Texture

33. Cloud Texture

34. Subtle Grunge Texture

35. Thriller Background Texture

36. Floral Texture

37. Grunge Paper Texture


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Author: Shevaa K

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5 Comments to “ 37 High Quality New Texture Packs

  1. percetakan says:

    Some very nice textures. Thanks for sharing this nice collection of texture

  2. creative and really useful texture designs.

  3. Those textures backgrounds above are really good stuff. This is such a help for our designs. I think our prospective clients were like it, for sure. I appreciate the of the texture quality, creativeness and the uniqueness. Congratulations for having the great list of texture backgrounds. Thanks very much for sharing. Keep it up

    • Shevaa says:

      Thanks You… Keep Reading our Posts… :)

  4. Bradley says:

    There are some really good texture backgrounds on this list. I will find so many of them useful when designing out websites for my clients. I think that some of them are quite a low resolution unfortunately and would benefit from being at a much better quality, as this will really bring out the quality of the background on the design. Thank you for sharing this it really is a great list.