30 Stunning Collection of Photo Manipulation That Will Amaze You

Published January 26, 2011 in Graphics

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In design, knowledge in photo manipulation is a desirable skill that can be used to a designer’s advantage. Having such skill will open up many design possibilities that a designer can create and innovate. Our earlier post has brought numerous inspiring images manipulated by skilled designers. Today, a new collection is presented to you to re-inspire and rekindle your interest in photo manipulation.

This Collection of Photo Manipulation showcases fun and cool ways of photo manipulation to get you inspired and motivated. Check out these great new way of manipulating images to jive w/ your theme and ideas… Enjoy!!!

1. Fireman


2. Boot


3. Full Of Hot Air

full of hot air

4. Leak


5. Thin


6. Fries


7. Every Bite

every bite

8. Toxophily


9. Iguana


10. My Face

my face

11. Tongue

tongue two

12. Every Bite Two

every bite two

13. Shark Water Drops

shark water drops

14. Balloon

balloon four

15. A Magazine

a magazine

16. Cover Layer


17. Noahs Ark

noahs ark two

18. Asphaltisation

asphaltisation two

19. Babe


20. Do Somathing New

something new two

21. A Magazing 3

magazine three

22. Mini Hippo

mini hippo

23. Easy Self Portrait

self portrait

24. Hot-2

hot two

25. Asphaltisation-3

asphaltisation three

26. Plug In Get Out

plug in

27. Socks Show

socks show

28. Do Something New

do something

29. Wake You Up

wake you

30. A Magazing

magazine two

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