29 Stunning Paper Child Art to Inspire

Published December 9, 2010 in Graphics

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There has always been a phase in our childhood when we enjoy drawing pictures of our favorite characters either in comics or in television… From our doodles to our rough sketches, our drawings have become a great part of our treasured childhood memories. Today, designers have found ways of turning sketches to realistic-like creations through the art of paper child.

Here, in this next post is a compilation of cool paper child design by artists around the web. The collection illustrates the unique ways a mere drawing can be turned into realistic artwork through photography. These anime designs can will surely inspire you to create one… Get a load of this 29 Stunning Paper Child Art and be motivated!

1. Paper Section

paper section

2. Latvia Paper Child

latvia paper child

3. Nabari Paper

nabari paper

4. Paper Crickete

paper cricket

5. Italy Paper Child

italy paper child

6. UK Paper men

uk paper men

7. Paper Manga Art

paper manga art

8. Austria Paper

austria paper

9. Sweden Paper Child

sweden paper child

10. USA Paper Man

usa paper man

11. Ukraine Paper Men

ukraine paper men

12. Paper Child Infected

paper child infected

13. Greece Paper Child

greece paper child

14. Paper Kiki

paper kiki

15. Paper Axis Chaine

paper axis chain

16. Paper and the Keyboard

paper and the keyboard

17. Paper More Frames

paper more frames

18. Paper Professor

paper professor

19. Manga Paper Art

manga paper art

20. Paper Belle

paper belle

21. Paper Children Ginlzu

paper children ginlzu

22. NF Paper Child

nf paper child

23. Paper Maroo

paper maroo

24. Paper Bernadette

paper bernadette

25. Paper Five

paper five

26. Children England

Children England

27. Child Wander

child wander

28. Epicia Paper Child

epicia paper child

29. Paper Child Hedgehog

paper child hedgehog

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