Is Your Website Deeply Hurting Your Bottom Line?

Over the years, marketers have continuously touted the benefits of their online business presence. It should be noted that developing and getting started on a website is only the first step. If the business analysts are to be believed, the bottom line remains in being concerned about falling short of what it could ultimately be. Make sure that the business you are operating remains on the competitive line both on and off the internet and this can be done by avoiding a few mistakes that are common yet easily overlooked.

Unreliable Hosting Services

If you can’t rely on your hosting services, your business may collapse. Business hosting services are available in various packages. Your web host service should be able to provide 24 hour tech support and guarantee good uptime, protect data and scale services. So review web hosting packages of different companies before zeroing in one.

A Poorly Responding Website

Make sure that you have successfully designed your website for the multiple devices without compromising a bit on the same else it may affect the traffic on your page. Local mobile searches are very soon going to exceed the desktop searches in the coming year. This clearly means that in order to compete well, your website will need to operate on the multiple devices seamlessly and flawlessly.

Poor Loading Time

Time is the money and the users on internet are usually impatient. Page results that fail to deliver in a few seconds may make you lose a lot on the traffic. Even 1 second delay in page loading can cause up to 7% loss in terms of conversions. Try minimizing the HTTP requests, optimizing the images, compressing the larger pages and combining the CSS sheets.

call to actions

No Calls To Actions

Call to actions convert visitors into repeat customers. Consider adding good call to action prompts and by doing so you are not only persuading them to make a purchase but you are also encouraging them to sign up or perform an activity on your social media page. Even though it is about one conversion, never forget that only a single conversion can earn you a loyal customer for long.

Lack Of Optimization

Relying on only the techniques of branding is not going to help you generate good online leads. It should be noted that almost 40% of the customers for the online merchants are actually coming from the searches. This means that you will require optimizing your website for usability and search. In simple words, if your prospects can’t locate you, they can’t make a purchase at your store.

You must focus on a good SEO strategy and the key points to keep in mind are:
Include relevant keywords in the title tags, Meta descriptions, alt texts, etc
Keep updating your contact information as it changes but don’t leave it blank on the site
Try adding some relevant keywords to your content or should we say, the web copy
Share posts and useful information on the social media platforms

Optimization is going to impact your conversions on a huge basis hence missing out on this technique may make you look like an ultimate loser right at the beginning.

There are various factors that can ultimately affect the bottom line of your company hence a careful analysis is worth the time and effort. Evaluate your click-through rates, traffic patterns and the individual page conversions to explore small but the most significant ways to improve your website. When that is done successfully, your website’s bottom line would be improved too. Adopt the right approach and everything should fall in place. If you feel your website is hurting your bottom line, this is the time to repair things and focus on the overlooked concerns!


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Author: Michael Evans

Michael Evans is a passionate blogger and he is also using website builder by Site2You for designing great websites.

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