Wireframe: To Do Or Not To Do?

When you are working with any specific media based industries, there are plenty of ways to boost your efficiency. One of the most amazing ways to get the job done with utmost effect is by actually “drawing your map”. Drawing your own map may very well refer to converting your task into a visual form. Hence the progression of idea can be shown with the help of series of words, storyboards and thumbnails to create a convincing form of visual workflow that communicates the idea at each stage. When it comes to the world of web designing, the same process can be technically addressed and defined as ‘wireframing’ but is it really worth your time and effort?

Here are a few considerations that must be taken into account before finally working with the idea of wireframing.

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You Should Not Be Clingy – Start With A Broad Mind

“Lot of designers are not fond of wireframe because it actually limits their creativity.” – according to WebDesign.org. It becomes extremely important to actually draw a fine line between your wireframe and the final design. Keep in mind that the concept of wireframe is actually nothing but only a reference point. If you are coming across a web design that best suits your requirements along with user experience, there is no point hesitating. If it contributes to altering the entire website for good, still better!

Measure The Impact And Save Your Time

Proper use of wireframe does save a lot of your time. With the help of an intelligent visual checklist, you are only doing the needful in minimizing the additional time and effort that is actually being wasted here. Also, here, changes depend on your preference, situation and often budget.

If you are actually working for a client running on a tighter budget, you may not be willing to spend more time; rather your time would be for a more detailed work on art and design. With a flexible timeframe in hand, it is wise to mockup your multiple wireframes. This should be measured by you to find out what suits your requirements in the best possible manner.

Locate Your Own Flow

With time, you are surely going to become better with wireframing. Make sure that you have started working on the establishment of a system that is ultimately meant to perform. You should keep in mind that if you feel you are not fast enough then there is nothing to get disappointed about. Don’t get discouraged, you are likely to get better with time and efforts.

Try to make wireframe of your skinning process and try to cut your skinning time by at least a quarter or even more and that would depend on the complexity of the websites. The focus should be on making yourself evolve by valuing yourself as an asset.

Your Mind Might Be Dreadful For Wastage Here

Wireframes are amazing tools for both fresher and experienced. Employers are more than willing to keep a track of your much precious thought process. If you are capable of explaining the way you work or intend to work, you would witness a separation of thinkers from drones. Make sure that you are saving your wireframes as well as your multiple compositions in design.

The decision of working with or without wireframe is completely yours. Map out your ideas in some visual fashion and you are surely going to find it easier to actually channel your thoughts. At least, this is one tool that can help you in increasing your efficiency and contribute to making you a psychologically far better designer. The concept of wireframing can also help you in marketing yourself for many more years to arrive.


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