What Are The 5 Big Changes In Twitter Redesign?

Quite recently, facebook has been mocked by people for copying the hashtags from twitter and lot more but now things seem to have changed. With the new and biggest twitter redesign roll out, things have changed drastically – not just the way they work but also the manner in which they are seen. If analysed carefully, twitter is one social networking website that still works quite differently when compared to the social networking viral in its league. Hence the redesign must be followed. Here, we are providing you a crisp guide to the kind of changes that twitter has gone through. We believe some of the mentioned ones can be seen as being controversial.

Photos and Videos In Design – In Front And Center

This seems to be coming from Instagram and not even facebook. Twitter has been recently putting great emphasis on the images and videos shared. Here, profile pictures are bigger and you can pick up a comparatively larger background header. Also, the tweets with the videos and the photos are going to get the much desired filter option. Other change that is minor in nature but still need not go overlooked is the brand new right hand column for the ‘who to follow’ and the ‘trends’ that display the trending topics. Also, you will see that the date on which you joined twitter is cleverly displayed along with your location and biological information.

Popular Tweets Are Emphasised

Twitter now highlights the kind of tweets that receive huge attention and user engagement. The idea is to ensure that the most popular content gets spotted easily in your timeline. However, this feature is meant for the big boys. But drawing huge attention towards your tweets is not impossible. All you have to do is to gain some followers. However, if you are not sure where to start, you need to buy Twitter Followers Guide and read it thoroughly.

Pin tweets And Highlights On Them

Thanks to the new twitter redesign, user profiles are now made popular and with much talked about user designations. Now twitter allows users to pin their remarkable tweets on top of their profile timelines. This would make the same tweets being admired by all and hence the purpose is met. However, you are allowed to pin only one tweet at a time. If you are about to pin another one sooner, it will warn you about the previously pinned tweet getting replaced by the new one that you are trying to post. Also, you are not allowed to pin the tweets posted by others. However, we believe you can still get clever with your favourite retweets and go ahead.

Filtered Tweets Are Amazing

Filtered tweets must be seen as an attempt by twitter to ensure that the users can make their profiles far more comprehensible to the ones who visit the page. This would separate the tweets from the replies. However, ‘tweets and replies’ categories are cleverly available for those who still want everything to be right there and in mixed proportion. It needs to be mentioned that here only the standalone tweets by the users are to be seen and that too by default. Not only the tweets, photos and the videos are also getting their section. User timelines can be filtered in order to ensure that they are viewed only by them and none else.

Twitter Apps To Look Same

The new twitter redesign and look shall apply to almost all the mobile apps. Photos and the other features are going to grab attention with the same enlarged look. Also, the filters that display the videos and photos are present too. Twitter, in the last few years, has certainly gone through several changes, some of which look much promising than one anticipated them to be. Twitter began enlarging their images as well as their videos in the timelines and various other changes have been made to its design that has ultimately helped it stand out. Follow and understand the changes and they would help you understand this particular social media platform and its changing trends closely.


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