Blue As a Brand Color

If you’re planning a website for your business, one of the things to consider is the importance of color in branding. Think carefully when choosing a primary color, because the color has a big impact on how visitors will respond to your site. Different colors evoke different emotions. However, there is one color that works well for many businesses: this is the color blue.

If you take a closer look at the colors that world’s top companies use for branding, you’ll see that most of them prefer blue. Facebook, Nokia, Intel, Twitter, Philips, Ford, Dell, Kleenex and Nivea are just a few big names on that list.

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Blue As a Brand Color

A recent article at is just one of many articles that show that blue tops the list of the most popular brand colors. But why is blue used so often? First of all, blue is a favorite color of most people regardless of their age, gender and culture. Secondly, if we look deeper into the meaning of this color, we’ll see that blue is strongly associated with intelligence, trust and security. Additionally, it’s the color of peace, confidence and stability. Are there many companies that would refuse a brand color with such positive attributes?

By the way, you can not only use blue when designing your site, but also when creating other promotional materials (logos, business cards, product packaging, etc).

If you’re a big fan of the color blue and you want your corporate site to be designed in blue, then feel free to check an infographic featured below. The infographic has 45 blue websites for your inspiration, a list of companies using blue as their brand color, 55 hexadecimal color codes for different shades of blue and a lot of other useful stuff.

Please note: here is a static version of the infographic, and if you want to see an interactive version, then visit

Blue As a Brand Color<br />


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Author: Helen Bailey

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2 Comments to “ Blue As a Brand Color

  1. Eric says:

    We think the colour blue covers a lot of emotional feelings. We feel blue gives a lot of advatages in graphic design.

  2. David says:

    blue as a brand color for nice tutorials.


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