45 amazing Photo Manipulation Art From Deviantart

Published June 1, 2010 in Shevaa in Design, Inspiration

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Most of the designers try to make a combined of multiple images, this is called as photo manipulation in Art design industry. It’s really a creative stuff. For photo manipulator design we lack creative concept, color blending, and variety of techniques. Here I have showcased 45 different varieties of Abstract, Conceptual, Dark, Emotinal, Fantasy, Humourous, Popart, Scifi, and Surreal photo manipulation designs, refer and inspire with those creativity designs. Please share your thoughts and if you know more designs share your links via comments.

1. Pandora

2. Distant Home

3. At ease, by Esstera

4. Presence

5. Searching

6. The Swan

7. Violin girl

8. Saberxodus

9. Unforgetable

10. Hide Your Feelings

11. One Minute To Midnight

12. Reason And Sense

13. Once Upon a Time

14. Black Blood Flux

15. Angel Thanatos

16. Cover Catalog

17. Angel Thanatos

18. Dark Night

19. These Worldly

20. Minuscule Encounter

21. The Call

22. Steampunk Experiments

23. A Place to Myself

24. El Cuento

25. First Movement

26. The snail

27. Stay

28. Brave

29. Libera

30. Secret me

31. Lilith

32. Irene

33. Cancion de las flores

34. Mi diario

35. El bosque magico

36. El desierto

37. La musica del silencio

38. Can’t Live WithOut You

39. Vulcano

40. Sudak Carnivalis

41. Funny Little Bird

42. SaberCreature

43. The Age Of Witchery

44. Romantic Blood

45. Momeran Tome

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  1. Gotta give tribute to great designers. I love looking at their work. It’s nice when you find original ones.

  2. PriyaRam says:

    One Minute To Midnight..

    Its lookin real.. Excellent post..

  3. fashion blog says:

    i like your blog and article.thanks and bookmark it

  4. Dsign Buzz says:

    Wonderful round-up of photo manipulation examples

  5. Ma. Erlinda C. Aguillon says:

    Wow! Very amazing! Looking at those designs made me feel relax and happy! I love adobe photoshop.Thank you!!!!!


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