25 Cool Geek Gifts

Published December 15, 2010 in in Design

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Geeks have transformed themselves from dull-headed, inefficient persons to the highly sophisticated intellectuals who are known for their intelligence, smartness and efficiency today. In today’s world they are persons who have set a benchmark for themselves and make others wonder about their outcome which leaves everybody gaping. Bill Gates was termed geek in his initial days but the world knows his success, so now being a geek is considered the latest fashion. They have carved a niche for themselves, which keeps them above par and so there are products which are exclusively designed for them keeping their potential in mind. Listed below are some of the geeky products for the geek in you.

1. Apple iPad

Apple iPad 25 Cool Geek Gifts

A product designed by Apple, the Apple tablet or the i Pad which has features like mail, photos, videos, i Books,i Tunes, maps, calendar, contacts and much more.

2. Dm Pin set

Dm Pin set 25 Cool Geek Gifts

A set of 6 different badges to depict your mood and an enamel bird badge to point the depicted badge. Pin these in your shirt or bag and let others know about you just by staring at your geeky collection.

3. Hand Exerciser

Hand Exerciser 25 Cool Geek Gifts

A product built for the effective treatment for tennis elbow, arthritis pain. This product makes your reaction times much quicker and us adjustable to every hand size and re balances the flexibility of hands and fingers.

4. Prop-up Pebbles

Prop-up Pebbles 25 Cool Geek Gifts

Designer pebbles or prop from DesignMaxx made from silicon to serve dual purpose of propping up your gadgets and also stuffs up your tacks, paper clips and other tiny items when not in use.

5. Infinite USB

Infinite USB 25 Cool Geek Gifts

Even a single USB port can behave like an infinite USB port if you happen to get the ‘Infinite hub’ by Gonglue Jiang. You can plug each USB at the back of the previous USB which becomes a USB hub by itself.

6. Flash drives

Flash drives 25 Cool Geek Gifts

Your flash drive need not look like a flash drive always , LaCie presents flash drives with the look of a simple and functional key chain design which offers a storage space from 4GB to 32GB.

7. Designer Hub

Designer Hub 25 Cool Geek Gifts

A hub with more than 5 different USB sticks with a fire wire combination from LaCie which groups up all of your stuff and keeps it in an organized way.

8. Leather skins for i Phone

Leather skins for i Phone 25 Cool Geek Gifts

Protecting your gadgets will be first thing as soon as you get it, but those bulky plastic cases may not be your choice, so here is a slim and inexpensive leather skin option which maintains the design integrity and also adds a sophistication to your gadget.

9. Mobile Office

Mobile Office 25 Cool Geek Gifts

Ever thought of a mobile office? Tim Vinke has come up with a mobile office with desk and chairs called het kruikantoor where all the elements can be combined and separated, So take your portable office wherever you like.

10. Music Balloon

Music Balloon 25 Cool Geek Gifts

Another plug and play for your ipod which has great looks with its sleek design and great audio quality and most important need not put on your headphones to listen, just plug this in your i Pod and enjoy the music flowing.

11. Pivot Power

Pivot Power 25 Cool Geek Gifts

Using a lot of gadgets can mean a messy bundle of wires. Quirky produces a simple and ingenious power strip with 6 plug points exclusively for people who are worried about the mess of wires.

12. PlayStation – 4 in Concept

PlayStation – 4 in Concept 25 Cool Geek Gifts

A great design which could be adapted for the next version of Playstation. Tai Chiem presents you with a futuristic design of the fourth version with its transparent reinvention.

13. Broken link

Broken link 25 Cool Geek Gifts

A beautiful necklace for a person who wants to show off his / her computer geekiness. A necklace with a design of a broken link image which is surely going to give a different look to your personality.

14. Chemical Sand Pepper Shaker

Chemical Sand Pepper Shaker 25 Cool Geek Gifts

Love your science formulas to a great extent? Then see them printed even on your salt and pepper shakers with the shape of an atom. A perfect gift for those who still cherish their science lab and also who fell asleep there.

15. Chocolate Watch

Chocolate Watch 25 Cool Geek Gifts

A specially designed watch by ODM for chocolate lovers which is linked with a small piece of chocolate wrapped around your wrist and which comes in a variety of different colors. A watch sure to appeal your taste buds.

16. Color Bar

Color Bar 25 Cool Geek Gifts

Confused in choosing the appropriate color for your design and print works. Presented here is a set of design tools with a set of 2 color bars and a design-mas tab for your reference works which shows 162 CMYK colors and many precise practical scales.

17. Face book Coffee Mug

Face book Coffee Mug 25 Cool Geek Gifts

Face book and Coffee combined for Coffee and face book addicts in a mug by Gary Buckner, the creator of Face book mug. So enjoy Face book with a hot sip of coffee in the face book cup.

18. Disk-It sticky notes

Disk-It sticky notes 25 Cool Geek Gifts

Dont mistake it for the good old Floppy disc, they are the the new Post-its that give fools you you for a floppy disc. Burak Kaynak presents you with these stick notes which are going to give a run to the standard Post-Its.

19. Braille watch

Braille watch 25 Cool Geek Gifts

A Braille watch for the visually challenged persons which helps them tell the time by just feeling the dial of the watch and reading the time. Designed by Wing Li, OOSH is a watch with great functionality and is sure to be loved by them.

20. Footsie table

Footsie table 25 Cool Geek Gifts

A quirky table with female mannequin like legs which brings out the designer in you where you can accessorize the table legs according to your taste. Perfectly designed curved legs and crafted from polished resin.

21. Big Color Pencils

Big Color Pencils 25 Cool Geek Gifts

For artists who want their big ideas to be brought out before the colors finishes. A collection of bright colors in big color pencils to produce bright pictures for the artist in you.

22. Hinge X – Tape

Hinge X – Tape 25 Cool Geek Gifts

Surprise others with a tape which has screws and hinges in it. This could come as a surprise to whoever opens this since it creates an excellent optical illusion and adding a fun element to the otherwise boring transparent sealing tapes.

23. Icon Letter Envelope

Icon Letter Envelope 25 Cool Geek Gifts

A different look for your usual icons in the form of a letter and envelope. Brigada Creativa presents you with the icon letter and envelope which gives a new feel for your physical letter and also makes best use of the iconography.

24. Fusion Table

Fusion Table 25 Cool Geek Gifts

A new fusion design of a coffee table table cum computer table which can keep bring both your gossip and work at the same place. The table is divided into two with a touch sensitive keyboard with an LED outline and an adjustable screen with a DVD drive. To transform your table into your workstation is at the press of a button.

25. Headphone

Headphone 25 Cool Geek Gifts

Listening to your collection of albums on your personal i Pod surely lifts up your moods. So hereby presented to you contemporary and personable earphones by Kilo’s design’s swirl which provides the comfort and truly accessorizes you with the tech-gear.

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