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25 Best Outstanding Single Page Website Designs

I think that designing a single page website is great challenge to show your creativity. Single Page Design frees the designer to create something more unique then a multi page website. These websites are best way to offer your visitors all the quick possible by compiling all the content you want in a single web [...]

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On: 25  Apr  2011

Top 35 Resources for Logo Design Inspiration Galleries

The logo is the most important Faces in Business or Personal brand, So very careful in choosing a logo for your business. A logotype must be Simple, Appropriate and Explicative. Every one of Logo Designers needs a bit of inspiration to start the creative process. So here are a lot of logo Galleries you can [...]

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On: 31  Mar  2011

25 Best CSS Web Design Directory Every Designer Should Know

This Directories will help Designers to share their Creativity Skills and bringing visitors to their website from all over the world. These Directories are very useful for Web & Graphic designers, Web Developers, Logo Designer, Flash Designer. These directories lists help designers to get idea in color combination, and new trends in designing. By putting [...]

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On: 25  Mar  2011

30 Stunning Fractal Art Images

Fractal art amazes us with its geometric shapes and rich colors and makes us want to gaze at it for hours just to understand its beautiful complexity and how to make it. Some people put these on their desktop backgrounds as wallpapers. I can’t figure out how they can do that with all these bright [...]

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On: 16  Feb  2011

30 Amazing Brown Color Website Designs

Brown is an earthy color that represents simplicity, friendliness, and dependability. While alot of designers prefer to use bright colors for their websites because they attract immediate attention, browns are a great base color for your design because it works well with so many other colors. Today lets take a look at 30 beautiful brown websites [...]

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On: 14  Feb  2011

50+ Amazing Weekly Website Designs

1. Advent Calendr 2. Infin Vision 3. Experiencia Lecom

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On: 31  Jan  2011

30+ Amazing Coffee Website Design

Coffee is considered as an effective stimulant that keeps the consumer alert and awake. With our usual busy lifestyle, it helps to have a beverage ready to keep us active all throughout the day. Looking at the rate of coffee consumption, many commercial establishments have been built to cater to the needs of the society. [...]

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On: 7  Dec  2010

40 Brilliantly Designed Login and Sign Up Web Forms

Web forms are crucial for converting visitors into regular users, particularly for web communities, e-commerce and web applications. Designing a registration or sign up form is a bit different from a sign in or login form, as a registration form is the last link between turning a visitor into a user, so the final ‘sale’ [...]

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On: 15  Nov  2010

40 Rocking Band Websites for Inspiration

As the majority of people use the web nowadays, it is not surprising to see recording bands make an official website of their own. In this way bands can get in touch with their fans, updating and promoting new albums, tours, and gigs with less cost, and good efficiency. But of course, it is a [...]

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On: 11  Nov  2010

52 Large Photo Background In Web Design Examples

Large photo background web design seems to be a trend before, a seamless border which create a very amazing web design yet in unique style of decoration. Large Background Web Design usually use either photography or an abstract illustration to stand out from the other lame web design which limited to the boundary of div, [...]

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On: 25  Oct  2010

10 Craziest Green Ideas

1. Hotel offers free meal to guests who are willing to generate electricity The Crown Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen , Denmark , is offering a free meal to any guest who is able to produce electricity for the hotel on an exercise bike attached to a generator. Guests will have to produce at least 10 [...]

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On: 24  Oct  2010

30 Inspirational Email Newsletter Designs

Email newsletters are becoming more and more popular on the internet as businesses begin to use them as a viral way of communicating with their audiences/customers. They are, without doubt, great marketing and communication tools. It allows your site visitors to be constantly kept ‘in the loop’ with what’s new and what’s to come in [...]

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On: 1  Oct  2010

30 Creative Flash Website Designs

Here I have showcased very impressive and creative flash sites and this all are we collected form very clever flash web designers Flash websites should be most and very attractive one as it reach to peoples very easily and it’s catch every customers observe .Here with attached 30 Creative flash websites designs for make more [...]

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On: 10  Aug  2010

30 Amazing & Creative Portfolio Websites

Every designers, having a great-looking portfolio site is one of the best ways to attract attention to your clients. It will help them to see Designers Creativity, scope, talent, and skill, every day thousands of designers trying to show their ability, creativity in that Have a portfolio stands out among all others. If Designers don’t [...]

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On: 21  Jul  2010

30 Amazing Digital Art Paintings Airbrushing For Inspiration

Out of all the collections and postings i did this is the only one which made me say WOW. Amazing digital paintings. Some of them are worth mentioning and placing in the start like the Pandora and Skycastle . Hope you guys have fun browsing them. All artworks are properly linked back to their sources, [...]

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On: 13  Jul  2010

45 amazing Photo Manipulation Art From Deviantart

Most of the designers try to make a combined of multiple images, this is called as photo manipulation in Art design industry. It’s really a creative stuff. For photo manipulator design we lack creative concept, color blending, and variety of techniques. Here I have showcased 45 different varieties of Abstract, Conceptual, Dark, Emotinal, Fantasy, Humourous, [...]

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On: 1  Jun  2010