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30 Awesome Social Icon Packs

Posted By  | on June 10, 2011 | in Freebies7 Comments

Every websites has one thing in common, presence of Social Media Icons. Eye catchy icons will Definitely draw more attention from visitors. It’s very useful ways to share your Posts or Services from your Blog or Website. Are you looking for a Glossy Icons or something Creative, you will find great social media icons here. This article is a List of Awesome Social Icon Packs for your Upcoming Projects. We hope these will help designers who are searching free social icons for there Design Projects.

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1. Teacup Social Icon

30 Oustanding Social Icon Sets

2. Cake Style Social Icons

30 Oustanding Social Icon Sets

3. Button-style Social Icons

30 Oustanding Social Icon Sets

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25 Free Fonts to Use with @font-face

Posted By  | on December 10, 2010 | in Freebies2 Comments

The @font-face CSS rule allows solving the well-known issue of the “web-safe” fonts by linking to the fonts that you need and allowing for consistent rendering in a given user’s environment. In other words it means that you can use fonts that have not been installed by a user. Considering this extent of awesomeness of this CSS feature web designers are disposed to use it on a daily basis in each and every of their projects but there have been some issues with consistent browsers’ support of this CSS rule.

Nowadays the rapid development of the web technologies including web browsers allows us to hope for the best. Without a doubt the aim of this CSS rule is to make the web a better place to be for both web designers and Internet users. To show you how many awesome possibilities you have with this feature we are happy to present you the 25 fancy free fonts that you can easily embed with the help of the @font-face rule.

1. ChunkFive

25 Free Fonts to Use with @font face

2. Mota Pixel

25 Free Fonts to Use with @font face

3. Brankovic

25 Free Fonts to Use with @font face

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30 Amazing Vector Pack Designs

Posted By  | on May 9, 2010 | in Freebies, Inspiration3 Comments

This Time we showcased 30 amazing collection of Free Vector Packs Designs for inspiration. Every designers loves the vectors very much. But they don’t have any time to keep all the vectors packs ready for their projects or for their personal works. Most of talented Graphic designers are willing to give their work to rest of us to use or to get inspired. So here we have showcased 30 amazing free vectors design and Vector Design packs for download.

1. Stock Vectors – Chocolate Mix

 Stock Vectors – Chocolate Mix Vector Packs

2. Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Vector Illustration

3. 25 Free Summer and Sunset Vectors

25 Free Summer and Sunset Vectors

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30 Amazing Collection Of New Fresh Icons Pack

Posted By  | on April 23, 2010 | in Freebies3 Comments

Today we are glad to give 30 amazing collections of fresh icons packs for my readers. There are thousands of free icon sets around the world. Now a days Icons are the most important one in Creating a websites. Here we showcased most beautiful new collections of social packs, Creatures Icon Packs, Dock icons pack, Healthy Icons pack, and box icons packs for inspirations.

1. Zoom-eyed creatures icons

2. Lovely Bones Icon Set

3. Fliraneo icon pack

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