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50 Creative 404 Error Pages

Posted By  | on September 22, 2010 | in Design, Inspiration12 Comments

There are many reasons why your websites needs a 404 error page. You might have moved some pages, or changed your URL structure, and now any links going to those pages no longer work. Web servers provide your website with a default 404 error page, but this is usually a very simple, boring page which usually results in visitors leaving your website.

Many web designers take the time to build a custom 404 page, that helps keep visitors on your website, perhaps suggesting alternative content or simply keeping them amused in the face of an error. Below you’ll find a collection of 50 unusual and innovative 404 error pages.

1. Acromediainc


2. Amorphia-apparel


3. Berganblue


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45+ Photoshop Web Design Layout Tutorials

Posted By  | on August 27, 2010 | in Design, Inspiration47 Comments

Web layouts are crucial for every web design. Whether it is a simple design or an advanced one, Photoshop can often come handy in creating such layouts. We have collected some really creative and helpful recent tutorials that display the process behind creating web layouts in Photoshop.

1. How to Create a Trendy Colorful WordPress Layout in Photoshop

In this tutorial author will create a trendy and colorful wordpress layout in Photoshop. If you’re thinking to redesign your blog, you can follow this tutorial.

Trendytuts in Photoshop Web Design Layout Tutorials from 2010

2. How to Make a Vibrant Portfolio Web Design in Photoshop

In this web design tutorial, author will create a beautiful and colorful portfolio layout using Photoshop.

Creative-folio in Photoshop Web Design Layout Tutorials from 2010

3. Underwater Content Box Design in Photoshop

In this tutorial author will teach you how to create an underwater content box. It will appear as if the content box fell into the water using stock photos and different techniques.

Water in Photoshop Web Design Layout Tutorials from 2010

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30 Creative Flash Website Designs

Posted By  | on August 10, 2010 | in Design, Inspiration40 Comments

Here I have showcased very impressive and creative flash sites and this all are we collected form very clever flash web designers

Flash websites should be most and very attractive one as it reach to peoples very easily and it’s catch every customers observe .Here with attached 30 Creative flash websites designs for make more inspiration and should be take next level of flash design. Most of these sites having with audio effects so make sure to turn on your speakers and enjoy with theses flash designs

1. Zunejourney

Zunejourney Flash Design

2. Icreon Design Studio

Icreon Design Studio Flash Design

3. Snoopyflyingace

Snoopyflyingace Flash Design

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30 Amazing & Creative Portfolio Websites

Posted By  | on July 21, 2010 | in Design, Inspiration21 Comments

Every designers, having a great-looking portfolio site is one of the best ways to attract attention to your clients. It will help them to see Designers Creativity, scope, talent, and skill, every day thousands of designers trying to show their ability, creativity in that Have a portfolio stands out among all others. If Designers don’t have a Portfolio or they don’t have an Eye Cache Design Clients won’t stay in their site and they won’t come back to see their latest works. Here Today here I have showcased 30 Eye Cache and Creative Portfolio website Designs for your inspiration.

1. kkMedia

kkmedia Portfolio Design

2. Danwiersema

Danwiersema Portfolio Design

3. Fatihtanriverdi

Fatihtanriverdi Portfolio Design

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