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30 Stunning Juicy Orange Website Designs

Posted By  | on November 12, 2010 | in Design17 Comments

When you are creating a new website you may be inspired by seeing other sites that are beautifully designed, as a designer it’s a must to know the current trend, particularly in web designs there’s always new trends emerging quite often. Color is an important aspect of web design. Good web designers choose color carefully to serve a purpose. Orange is a high energy color that can evoke mental activity and bring on cheerful thoughts. Take a look at the this websites gallery to see how orange color is used to create some unique web designs.

1. Invoicera

2. Billeo

3. Coolar

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40 Rocking Band Websites for Inspiration

Posted By  | on November 11, 2010 | in Design, Inspiration9 Comments

As the majority of people use the web nowadays, it is not surprising to see recording bands make an official website of their own. In this way bands can get in touch with their fans, updating and promoting new albums, tours, and gigs with less cost, and good efficiency. But of course, it is a must to have a beautiful and eye-catching design in their site to attract as many viewers as possible. Web designing is a crucial factor in making their website effective and useful.

In this post, we will be showcasing 40 Rocking Band Websites for Inspiration. This includes the websites of some recording bands out there. Each websites has unique designs in them which represent the unique characteristics of the group’s genre, songs and the band itself. These have been collected to help you decide on what designs suite your taste. Come, take a peek, and be inspired.

1. Linkin Park

Linkin park band website

2. Green Day

Green day band website

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red hot chili peppers band website

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20 Stunning Billboards Advertising that will catch your attention

Posted By  | on October 29, 2010 | in Design, Graphics9 Comments

Most of the time, billboard ads are an annoyance, filling the side of the roads with cheap design and poor concepts. However, the billboards in this posts are not your ordinary billboard. These are funny, creative and/or well-thought ads that really stand-out.

1. IKEA billboard

2. Floralp butter

3. Miele vacuum cleaner

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52 Large Photo Background In Web Design Examples

Posted By  | on October 25, 2010 | in Design, Inspiration18 Comments

Large photo background web design seems to be a trend before, a seamless border which create a very amazing web design yet in unique style of decoration. Large Background Web Design usually use either photography or an abstract illustration to stand out from the other lame web design which limited to the boundary of div, or table.

If you are going to have a photo or image background in your web design, here are some great examples & tutorials of photo background websites for you.I hope you like it.

1. Ecovittaresidencial

2. Forestedge

3. Exclusivereels

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