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Stunning 20 Creative Brochure Designs

Posted By  | on December 4, 2010 | in Design, Graphics2 Comments

A brochure is a type of leaflet. Brochures are most commonly found at places that tourists frequently visit, such as museums, major shops, and tourist information.Booklet brochures are made of multiple sheets most often saddle stitched.Brochures are often printed using four color process on thick gloss paper to give an initial impression of quality. where else Flyers are inexpensive to produce and are regarded as a very effective form of direct marketing.

Today we present you 20 Creative Brochure Designs. Hope you find your inspirations for your business.

1. Birth announcement Léon

creative brochures flyers 1 20 Creative Brochure Designs

2. Biolab Profile

creative brochures flyers 2 20 Creative Brochure Designs

3. Brochure for recreation center

creative brochures flyers 3 20 Creative Brochure Designs

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30 Stunning Web Application WebSite Designs

Posted By  | on December 1, 2010 | in Design, Inspiration8 Comments

A web application’s site design is the first look potential users will get before deciding whether or not to sign up for the service; it’s the book cover, table of contents and blurb of a web app that abeyant visitors will scrutinize before deciding to make the jump towards becoming its user. In this web design inspiration showcase, you’ll feast your eyes on stylish and modern web app site designs that make powerful impressions.

1. Postmark

Postmark Application WebSite Designs

2. QuoteRobot

QuoteRobot Application WebSite Designs

3. MailChimp

MailChimp Application WebSite Designs

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75 Fresh Websites for your Inspiration

Posted By  | on November 24, 2010 | in Design, Inspiration11 Comments

Today, a website is not just information but also usability, design and ergonomics. The problem is that with these requirements, a simple web programmer is not enough, now we need true digital artists, people who know how to combine colors, images and fonts to create pieces of electronic art. Below you have 70 examples of sites that fit perfectly into today’s requirements.


website inspiration

2. MotoCMS

website inspiration

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40 Brilliantly Designed Login and Sign Up Web Forms

Posted By  | on November 15, 2010 | in Design, Inspiration14 Comments

Web forms are crucial for converting visitors into regular users, particularly for web communities, e-commerce and web applications. Designing a registration or sign up form is a bit different from a sign in or login form, as a registration form is the last link between turning a visitor into a user, so the final ‘sale’ must be completed.

This showcase features creative designed login, signup and registration web forms from web companies and platforms around the world. They all exhibit usability qualities, and also have the subtle details that make a form exceptional. You’ll notice a few trends in this post, and especially pay attention to the relative simplicity and the reminders that the site is happy to see you again.

1. Login Form

Brilliantly Designed Login and Sign Up Web Forms

2. Ecovittaresidencial Login Form

Brilliantly Designed Login and Sign Up Web Forms

3. ScrapBlog Login Form

Brilliantly Designed Login and Sign Up Web Forms

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