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25 Amazing Creative Twitter Background Designs

Published June 22, 2010 in Design 5 Comments

Nowadays Twitter supports and fans are increasing extremely in this markets ,especially in graphics and web designs .This is very useful for designers to follow very talented web designers works .
Who gives very amazing and creative web designs in twitter, will be followed by huge numbers of users.
Here we have showcased amazing twitter pages, follow and make it bright


2 El Cuento

3. Iamkhayyam

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40 Modern Contact Form Designs

Published June 6, 2010 in Design 1 Comment

Contact form is one of very important page for web sites, which is main communication channel between visitors and web site owners, like feedbacks, sharing stuff’s, hiring people, Get Contact with Corporate Companies, etc… Here I have showcased 40 Modern creative contact form designs, kindly refer and make your site contact form also different.

1. Dom Design

2. Lamasamimatta

3. Umquarto

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45 amazing Photo Manipulation Art From Deviantart

Published June 1, 2010 in Design, Inspiration 5 Comments

Most of the designers try to make a combined of multiple images, this is called as photo manipulation in Art design industry. It’s really a creative stuff. For photo manipulator design we lack creative concept, color blending, and variety of techniques. Here I have showcased 45 different varieties of Abstract, Conceptual, Dark, Emotinal, Fantasy, Humourous, Popart, Scifi, and Surreal photo manipulation designs, refer and inspire with those creativity designs. Please share your thoughts and if you know more designs share your links via comments.

1. Pandora

2. Distant Home

3. At ease, by Esstera

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